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Founded in 2012, Capitol Bridge is an Arlington, Virginia-based SBA 8(a) Certified Small Disadvantaged Business with proven expertise providing independent medical reviews, records / data management services, medical coding, administrative staffing, and eligibility reviews.  With physical offices in Arlington VA, Pittsford NY, and Indianapolis IN, Capitol Bridge has strategically developed our geographic footprint in a manner that allows us to best serve our customers by staying within close proximity of operational centers of the services we provide.  We augment this reach by maintaining a decentralized panel of specialized resources across the country, including medical and legal professionals with valuable domain knowledge across a wide range of backgrounds and jurisdictions, as well as a broad pool of industry recognized technical SMEs with a broad degree of understanding across the services we provide as a company.  Capitol Bridge has served a wide variety of customers, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Arlington National Cemetery, the Federal Aviation Administration, and other government agencies at both a federal and state level, providing prime contracting services at varying degrees of size, scope, and complexity.

Furthermore, Capitol Bridge is a technology-forward company who has made significant investment into developing robust solutions to meet the needs of our customers, using proven, accepted technologies as a foundation to build repeatable, reliable solutions to build processes around.  Through process engineering, automation, and custom solution development, Capitol Bridge has been able to demonstrably improve the effectiveness of business processes for our customers while simultaneously improving overall quality of process outputs and deliverables.

Our Team

The Capitol Bridge Team is a diverse mixture of professional and cultural backgrounds, all chosen for our specializations, qualifications, and experience.  We believe that anything is possible with a great team so we have assembled the best team possible to perform the work that we do.



Our Values

Capitol Bridge, LLC is Small 8(a) Business and MBE Certified firm.  As a quickly growing, minority owned small business, Capitol Bridge is committed to embodying the core values that define who we are and what our organization stands for; we strive to continuously improve and extend upon our people-first approach to business operations.

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Our Approach

Capitol Bridge believes in building our projects around industry standards for management, quality, and consistency.  This approach ensures that our clients will receive high quality outcomes that are reliable, predictable, consistent, and repeatable.

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