Capabilities and Expertise
Eligibility Determinations

Capitol Bridge uses a tested and proven methodology for performing eligibility determinations and enrollments that has provided demonstrable success for local, state, and federal agencies worldwide. Our end-to-end methodology uses business process management to scale quickly and to enable public programs to better manage the growing complexities of eligibility and enrollment.

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Records and Data Management

Capitol Bridge is an experienced offeror of records management, electronic document management, and data management services to a variety of federal government customers.  We have subject matter experts on staff who can help in requirements gathering activities, solution development, workflow design, operations management, implementation, and project management across a comprehensive range of records, document, and data management needs.

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Program Management

The efforts and activities involved in meeting just a narrow slice of organizational objectives can easily grow to requiring a complex structure of their own.  Once requirements such as staffing, purchasing, technology implementation, reporting, quality management, and operations are taken into account, critical programs become a significant undertaking.

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Data Management/Business Intelligence

The organizations of today are generating usable data in unprecedented volume and at a similarly unprecedented rate, and the skills and tools necessary to effectively leverage these quantities of data are becoming increasingly complex.

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Information Technology

Capitol Bridge is a technology-forward firm committed to providing best-in-class solutions to the diverse challenges faced by our customers.  Our solutions architects and subject matter experts bring an impressive depth and breadth of experience to every organization we work with, allowing us to recommend, integrate, and implement technology solutions from a host of providers in a manner that provides seamless functionality in the solution of real-world problems.

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