Eligibility Determinations and Enrollments
Eligibility Determinations and Enrollments

Capitol Bridge uses a tested and proven methodology for performing eligibility determinations and enrollments that has provided demonstrable success for local, state, and federal agencies worldwide. Our end-to-end methodology uses business process management to scale quickly and to enable public programs to better manage the growing complexities of eligibility and enrollment.


A Comprehensive Process

We pair eligibility information drawn from government data sources with a proprietary, state-of-the-art enrollment application system. Our eligibility and enrollment services are supported by full-service operations management and excellent customer service. The result is a tailored eligibility and enrollment solution that enables program participants to apply and enroll in public programs accurately and efficiently.

Handling Large Volumes Efficiently

Our skilled team and robust infrastructure offer unmatched benefits — no matter the size or complexity of your program. You can be sure our approach:

  • Ensures your eligibility recommendations are compliant, enrollment is efficient and reimbursements are maximized
  • Provides multiple ways for individuals to apply: online, by phone and by mail
  • Gives consumers the power to make informed decisions — transforming complex requirements into clear instructions
  • Responds to beneficiary needs with contact centers staffed with trained, knowledgeable, multilingual experts