Information Technology
Solutions Architecture

Capitol Bridge is a technology-forward firm committed to providing best-in-class solutions to the diverse challenges faced by our customers.  Our solutions architects and subject matter experts bring an impressive depth and breadth of experience to every organization we work with, allowing us to recommend, integrate, and implement technology solutions from a host of providers in a manner that provides seamless functionality in the solution of real-world problems.   Capitol Bridge provides full-service solutions architecture, piecing together infrastructure, hardware, software, cloud solutions as needed to bring the best possible solutions to our customers.


Requirements Analysis

In the development of solutions for many organizational needs, simply determining requirements is a significant challenge in itself.  Capitol Bridge brings considerable experience and expertise to these efforts with an organizational capacity for determining, understanding, and documenting requirements to be used in any technology implementation.  Whether your organization needs to perform a build-or-buy analysis on technology solutions or there is a need to document user requirements for systems design documentation, Capitol Bridge has requirements gathering and documentation methodologies to streamline the process and provide usable, standardized deliverables to meet your needs.  Our team has managed complex programs across a host of government and private sector organizations and understands the needs and constraints of real-world technology implementations, and we are prepared to bring this expertise to your organization to solve your problems.

Systems Integration

Capitol Bridge is the trusted partner of a wide range of technology products and are confident in our ability to meet your organization’s needs.  Whether your need involves replacing existing solutions, integrating new solutions into an existing technology environment, or complete buildout of a new technology environment, Capitol Bridge is prepared to provide solutions tailored to your needs.  Our technology team is well versed in integrating new products with existing solutions through use of existing APIs as well as in developing methods of integrating legacy products via custom development where necessary.   Capitol Bridge has significant experience in working with most enterprise business platforms,  databases, operating systems, and cloud infrastructure services along with a wide range of legacy technologies, giving us a firm foundation of understanding to begin solving the problems of your organization.