Program Management
Program Management

The efforts and activities involved in meeting just a narrow slice of organizational objectives can easily grow to requiring a complex structure of their own.  Once requirements such as staffing, purchasing, technology implementation, reporting, quality management, and operations are taken into account, critical programs become a significant undertaking.  Capitol Bridge approaches program management with a standards-based program management methodology that produces repeatable, reliable, and predictable results.  Our program management staff have decades of collective experience in managing a diverse collection of programs and projects of considerable size, scope, and complexity, with annual budgets exceeding $10MM/year on individual projects and workforces of over 100 individuals.


Through the use of accepted industry standards for program and project management, Capitol Bridge is able to quickly integrate into the organizations we work with through use of universally understood, standard methods, artifacts, reporting techniques, and deliverables.  Project Management Plans are developed per PMBOK best practices, client acceptance criteria is defined using quantifiable, documented methods developed before deliverables are produced, schedule and budget reporting is based on Earned Value methods, risk is properly enumerated and addressed, and communication is universally proactive and meaningful.   When organizations engage with Capitol Bridge for program management, they do so with confidence that project progress is quantifiable, that success is verifiable, and that all parties are accountable for their responsibilities.