Records and Data Management

Capitol Bridge is an experienced offeror of records management, electronic document management, and data management services to a variety of federal government customers.  We have subject matter experts on staff who can help in requirements gathering activities, solution development, workflow design, operations management, implementation, and project management across a comprehensive range of records, document, and data management needs.

Records Management

Capitol Bridge is a provider of full-service records management solutions that will assist in the management, modernization, standardization, and compliance for existing records managed by your organization.  We are able to provide assistance and implementation at all steps of the records management lifecycle, from creation of records through retention and disposition, developing organization systems, retention schedules, disposition schedules, check in / check out, and more.  Capitol Bridge brings a team of records management subject matter experts to every engagement, each with a wide range of agency and domain knowledge experience relevant to the needs of our customers, and partners with leading providers of technology solutions to bring the best, most comprehensive approach to records management tailored directly to our customers’ needs.


FOIA Support

Capitol Bridge offers a wide range of FOIA support services to our customers, from subject matter expertise and process development to operational implementation and management of FOIA.  Capitol Bridge is well-versed in the requirements surrounding FOIA workflows, including policy development, receipt / intake of FOIA requests, reviewing requests against agency and regulatory requirements, redaction, fulfilling requests, processing denials, managing appeals, expedited requests, tracking requests through FOIA workflows, backlog reduction / elimination, and meaningful reporting to our customers.  We have existing staff on hand in subject matter expertise, project management, and operational roles who can quickly work together to provide effective, best practice, compliant FOIA services in whole or in part as needed, plus we partner with leading providers of technology solutions to ensure that the tools used in the delivery of FOIA services are best-in-class, industry standard technologies.


Capitol Bridge is a leading, respected provider of E-Discovery solutions and services, with experience in the development, implementation, and management of E-Discovery solutions paired with best-in-class software and infrastructure solutions.  We can provide highly secure, compliant, best practice legal support and E-Discovery solutions including case management, “big data” analytics, digital forensics, and more, using manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated solutions to meet the requirements of projects of any size.   We have significant infrastructure at our disposal, including both secure, on-site and collocated computing infrastructure within US-based datacenters where digital resources can be processed securely without risk of breach.  Our subject matter experts and legal professionals on staff can assist in the development of policy, processes, standard operating procedures needed to meet your organizational requirements, and Capitol Bridge staff stands ready to implement these in fulfillment of your needs.

Handling Large Volumes Efficiently

Document Imaging / Conversion

A common requirement for many organizations is the digitization of physical documents to support ongoing requirements or organizational goals.  For example, physical filerooms may be converted to electronic documents to reduce the physical footprint of file storage,  historical documents may be digitized to reduce the risk of damage due to handling, mailrooms may digitize incoming physical mail to reduce delivery times or to support electronic workflows, large sets of physical documents may be converted to electronic equivalents for analytical purposes, and many other uses for electronic conversion of documents are common.  Capitol Bridge can support both the imaging and data extraction of any physical document set for any requirement, as we have the subject matter expertise, operational staff, and technology resources available to meet any such need.  For document imaging, we can convert any size paper to electronic image, from paper as small as post cards to oversized documents even larger than 36” x 50”.  We have high speed scanners available to provide fast, cost-effective scanning of common paper sizes from 8.5” x 11” to 12” x 18”.  Scans can be black and white, color, and a wide range of possible resolutions as needed by their use (150dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi, more.)  Images can be output to PDF, JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, or any standard file format, including archival formats such as PDF/A.

Capitol Bridge has the capability to digitize non-standard media such as microform (microfilm, microfiche,) books (using non-destructive scanners and cameras appropriate for historic materials,) films (35mm negative and positive, 120 film, large format film, and other,) and oversized media such as blueprints, mechanical / engineering drawings, and more.  Capitol Bridge is able to perform flatbed scanning of materials up to 36” x 50”, which is appropriate for fragile, historical, and otherwise high-risk materials that should not be imaged via conventional wide format scanners which use rollers.  We have highly secure, records appropriate processing facilities that follow NARA guidelines for records storage and have developed extensive policies, procedures, and contingency plans to ensure the safety of records in our custody.  Furthermore, Capitol Bridge has worked with several high profile government customers in the development of our standard operating procedures to be able to confidently offer secure transportation, tracking, custody chains, and facility management to our customers, further ensuring that records in our custody will be returned in the same condition they left your facility.

In addition to this, Capitol Bridge offers extensive, high accuracy data extraction services along with our imaging services to assist in making the documents we image more useful to fulfilling the goals of our customers.  This can include full text OCR, document classification, forms processing, metadata keying, double keying, and more.  We work with our customers to determine their overall objectives and, can assist developing the best and most cost-effective methods to extract data from documents in a manner that meets accuracy requirements while providing usable solutions tailored to customer needs.  Capitol Bridge is able to work with many document management, case management, and standard technology platforms / databases to ensure that data extracted from documents will be usable in the existing workflows and applications used by your organization today.