Specialist Panels
Medical Panel

The organizations of today are generating usable data in unprecedented volume and at a similarly unprecedented rate, and the skills and tools necessary to effectively leverage these quantities of data are becoming increasingly complex. Capitol Bridge offers an extensive suite of data management, analytics, and business intelligence services, unlocking previously untapped value available from existing data, providing greater visibility and insight into operational performance, and providing peace of mind regarding data quality and security.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly with new and exciting innovations in healthcare information technology, advances in personalized treatments, precision medicine, medical devices/diagnostics.  Each of these areas are converging to deliver improved clinical outcomes for patients.  The Capitol Bridge team stays at the forefront of these dynamic changes in healthcare via an expert panel of scientific advisors who are leaders in various aspects of the healthcare ecosystem, including pharmaceutical drug, medical device/diagnostic development, genomics and precision medicine, CLIA laboratory testing, patient engagement,care coordination, and healthcare IT interoperability.

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